the knotting resumes

After a long hiatus due to Life and Things, we’re finally, at long last back in business, baby.

Yesterday, I completed my latest macramé art wall-hanging. I’ll be giving this one to a friend; she has a tarot reading appointment with me next week.

It felt so utterly magnificent to be crafting macramé again. Everything came back to me instantly. I love knotting cord. It’s so soothing. Making macramé is like sculpting with cord. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t use patterns; I start knotting and follow my inspiration.

I prefer pieces with a great deal of knots. That’s macramé to me.

Instead of fraying the hanging cords completely, as I’ve usually done for previous wall-hangings, this time I only frayed part of the cords. It gave the piece a kind of plant-like appearance that really spoke to me.

I also used some of my precious vintage beads for this one.






The next pieces I’ll be creating are destined for The Record Centre in Ottawa (and it’s just the beginning, stay tuned for more locations), my Patreon third tier members, and then I’ll have some for sale here.

A happy home is a home with macramé.

More macramé art soon, as well as 70s-centric posts!