My name is Logospilgrim, or Logos for short.


I’m a writer, a secular humanist, and a gonzo maverick. These days, I write mostly about joyful secular living and being a happy tomboy. I’m learning to play the ukulele, and I can juggle. I’m also known as the quiet professor.

I’ve decided to start publishing zines because I recently put shag carpets in my room and bought a record player. So zines seemed like the logical next step.

I write about my experiences, my toy collection, being an asexual genderqueer person, living the secular life, the 70s… All sorts of fun crap. My zines are photocopied pages of my own handwriting. I believe that in this overly digital age, real things are increasingly important and needed.

Also, I make stuff: macramé art.

My macramé pieces are one of a kind, and I don’t follow a pattern; I create my wall-hangings as I go. I adore making knots. In my opinion, macramé is better with a lot of beautiful knots. I create contemporary pieces imbued with a mellow 70s vibe.

Put some macramé on your walls, and you’ll feel good.